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Posterous offers WordPress service but won't authenticate

  1. Hello everyone. Totally frustrated here. No one home at Posterous support, and there seems to be no support here, either. Perhaps someone here can help... offers WordPress as an autopost service. However, they will not authenticate my WordPress site (same problem with Tumblr, incidentally). I am told that there is a bad loginpass combination - which is absurd, as I supply them with the information I've used here a million times and have confirmed and double-checked over and over. They do say this: If you are using WordPress, make sure you have XML-RPC enabled. Now, I have NO idea what that means. Help, please? Daniel

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not to worry. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention. Please be patient while waiting.

  3. Thank you, timethief. So have I - many times. :-( This is only the first in a series of problems that seem to go unfixed. I note a serious decline in the efficiency of Posterous ever since they were acquired by Twitter. I'm looking around for another site that will do a better job of autoposting to my various blogs. Best, Daniel

  4. I would add that earlier, when Tumbler and WordPress would authenticate (I used posterous in the past), it was not uncommon for autoposting to be marked "failed". There would often be successive attempts, which were eventually abandoned. The reason for these failures, as I recall, was the same 'bad loginpass combination'. Obviously, whatever this means it is a major issue right now with posterous. Thanks again, Daniel

  5. XML-RPC is always enabled at

    Make sure that you're providing them with for the URL.

  6. Thanks for that, macmanx. I tried that just now: does not work. Posterous will still not authenticate my WordPress blog as a service. Daniel

  7. Hm, everything is set correctly on this end, and generic XML-RPC posts seem to work just fine.

    I think case, I recommend getting in touch with Posterous.

  8. People on Posterous have been trying to do so for quite some time... 'Help emails' and "bug reports" appear to be ignored, and are never responded to.

    Thank you, though, for your help.


  9. I have the same problem here.
    It was still working as of 2010/10/08. But I found the newest blogs not syncing from yesterday.
    I am sure the login/password is correct.

  10. orpingtonphotographicsociety

    I'm having exactly the same problem - I have to keep updating the password which for some reason seems to get longer - then auto post directly from posterous blog... Even added /xmlrpc.phpI and that hasn't worked... I don't think it's a WordPress fault...

    As we can't get hold of posterous is there any chance that WordPress could make contact for us please... To my mind it seems, the only route... I wish to continue using posterous auto posting to my social sites, as we have so many...

  11. I deleted my Posterous account. It is quite clear that Twitter is, for whatever reason, setting out intentionally to kill the site. After numerous failed attempts to get Posterous support to respond or resolve the issues, I contacted Twitter, the new parent company. Was given the run-around there, before finally being sent back to the nonexistent, "make-believe" Posterous support. A major company my ex-partner works for refers to Posterous now as a "malicious site". Not sure why, but that is there take on Posterous. I cannnot recommend anyone continue to be patient with a company that so totally neglects its members or clients.

  12. I have been fighting this problem for months... I give! The only reason I like Posterous is it links to Blogger... WordPress please link to Blogger... that will solve all my problems

  13. What do you mean "link to Blogger?"

  14. I think bishaninick means he would like 'sharing' between WordPress and Blogger, i.e. auto-cross-posting.

    I was shared information via yourself (I believe?) and Timethief and others regarding the problems with Google's system and such cross-posting. Perhaps you good folks can repeat that information here for bishaninick?

    Happy Halloween, everyone.


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