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    Is there a way that members of WordPress can post things on my blog if they do not have a blog? Thanks.

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    The only way to achieve this, if they don’t want to register with wordpress, is to have them email you and then you can copy and paste what they send into a post. There is, of course, no way for them to post directly to your blog because if they could then anyone like spammers could post too. :)



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    Um, actually that’s not total correct. They can sign up for an account here at There is an option not to also get a blog, just an account. Once they do that, you can take their email address that they signed up with and plug it in at Dashboard -> Users -> Authors & Users. At the bottom of that page, there’s a form to add in a new “staff member” to your blog.

    I would suggest assigning them the level of Contributor. That way you get to approve anything that they write.

    There’s a FAQ on the subject of roles and what access each level gets.

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    drmike —

    That’s the method I use and it works great. Some people don’t want a blog of their own because they consider your blog their blog so just registering with and not being require to start a blog is the perfect solution for them.

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