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    Is there a template that I can post 300 letters my father wrote during WWII. I save each individual scanned page PDF. Please tell me the best way to do this or if I am in the right place to do it?

    The blog I need help with is



    No template as such.

    If it were my project I would have the letters with one letter per PDF file, so if a letter was 3 pages long I would have all three pages in the same PDF file.

    I would then have one letter per Post, with a short summery of the letter to give people an idea of the contents of the letter. A paragraph or so of text for visitors

    I would start Posting them in chronological order – first letter first second letter second and so on – that will then show up in your blog as last Post at the top – THIS IS GOOD – as regular visitors to your site will see the most recent letter at the top

    You can load the PDF file into your media library and have a link in the Post to the file. Or you can insert the letters using Scribd (see below) that will then display the letter in the Post so that visitors can read it or open it in Acrobat (or save it to their PC for later (both methods let the file be saved) )

    A caution on Scribd, it will load the whole PDF document each time it is displayed, so you need to have the Scribd document after a “more Tag” or you will kill your load times and nobody will want to visit again.

    that should get you started – good luck with your project, I have started a similar one for some of my working in Alaska in the 60’s & 70’s and going back to Jr. High School days also –


    Thanks, I’ll do this. Good luck on your Alaska project. I love visiting Alaska. So far twice & going to take 3 grandsons next year. Thanks again.



    You be welcome & good luck with your project

    Thanks for preserving part of history

    Thanks on my project also

    A further note – if you have a few pictures that would help to make your blog more interesting – one above the More Tag will make your blog much more interesting.


    I do have photos & will be using them.



    A friend of mine did something similar with her older brother’s navy journal from WWII (she’s in her 70’s). Rather than scan the journal, she typed out a post a day starting with the date of the first entry +70 years. (While you might be able to backdate an entry to the actual date, I have a feeling that search engines will treat this terribly.) Although she didn’t do this on, it certainly can be done.


    Thanks, I am nearing 69 so I want to get this done for siblings, children & grands who have never seen them. They were found in attic a few years ago.


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    What a beautiful thing to do.

    I’m sure lots of people will be interested to read your blog. My father never spoke about his WWII experiences until he was overcome by alzheimer’s disease. He met my mother afterwards, and the letters he wrote to his aunt were lost long ago. My husband’s father was a paratrooper in Normandy and he was also silent, though we did go to France some years ago to meet a “little boy” he rescued after the invasion.

    Sorry, I know these forums are not supposed to have such personal comment, it not being technical advice. But I’d suggest, if you will keep your blog public, that you add a subscribe by email widget so folks (like me) can easily follow your blog. The Reader is fine, but the blogs I read most come to me via the email subscription.

    If you like you could also provide links to the pdfs with scanned jpegs of the letters rather than text links. This suggestion is in addition to what auxclass said above.

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