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posting a blog

  1. I can't even figure out how to post a blog. I have an account, but I did it a long time ago and don't know how to make comments on my on site.
    Someone help me.

  2. I have logged in to my Dashboard, but I don't see a "write" button like the instructions say.
    1. Log in to your blog’s dashboard and click the Write tab.

  3. What browser and operating system are you using? Are you using Safari or Opera at all? Both have had issues with WordPress; the most compatible browser with WP is Firefox. If you have Firefox or another browser, try logging in with that and see if that helps. Otherwise have you tried clearing your browser's cache and cookies?

  4. (waving to cjwriter)

    The first of the links I provided you with above in the Beginner's guide is to tubetorials that will help when it comes to locating "write", etc.

    Video Introduction to WordPress
    These flash videos from helped me get a feel for WordPress. (The British accent was also a plus.)

    3 Minute Intro to WordPress
    Editing Your Sidebar

    Also note that if your go up to the top of this forum page and look on the blue navigation bar you will see "New Post" - click it and you will arrive where you want to be.

    HTH :)

  5. It's possible you got an account without a blog. If that's the case, you can just sign in, go to and click "add a blog to this account" and away you go!

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