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Posting a new article creates fake comments

  1. deathoftheblogger

    This is something which has only started happening today- whenever I post a new article I automatically get notifications saying that I need to moderate comments. The thing which confuses me the most is that the comments are apparently written by the posts themselves- the author name above the comment is just the name of one of my articles. I've just trashed every one I've received but I'd like to get some feedback on it, I'd preferably like to fix it if it's a glitch. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You are referring to self-pings that are caused by linking to earlier posts in your blog in your new posts and just don't know what pingbacks are and how to stop self pings.

    P.S. I simply approve the ones I want to keep and delete the others.

  3. deathoftheblogger

    Thanks a lot, I've been posting for a week now so I'm still getting to grips with everything, thanks again.

  4. You're welcome. Have you found the step by step learn blogging tutorial Staff linked to the bottom of your Admin page? It's at

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