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    I am trying to create a page in a location other than Pages on my sidebar. Currently, I have the following widgets: Pages, Recent Posts, Archives, Categories, Links, Search. I would like to create an additional one: Photo Galleries. Within this widget, I would then like to be able to have pages like Flowers, Sunsets, Pets, etc. Each page would then contain the appropriate images. I have used the text widget to create a Photo Galleries on the sidebar but so far I’ve been unable to find a way to create pages within this new location. Any ideas?




    Pages will always be pages, and therefore they will always show up in the pages widget. What you can do is make a Photo Galleries page and then Flowers, Sunsets, etc. as child pages of that one.

    For an example of what i mean, take a look here:



    If you have an account from why not use the Flickr Widget? It would look perfect in your sidebar.

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