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posting a video

  1. How can I upload my video to post in my blog? I spent the $60 plus tax on the Video press upgrade but it is still not working. can you please help?

    Thank you!


  2. Hi Robin, Are you adding a new video to a post or page? Where are you running into trouble (uploading, saving, viewing, ...)?

    Here's a quick tutorial: showing you the steps to upload a video and add it to a post or page.

    Let us know where you are having trouble and we can help.

  3. Hello Lance,

    Since a few days ago the multi file uploader does nothing so I go the the browser uploader and go though the motions and it sits looking like its going to upload (working0 for ages and ages). Something is wrong if I have to use the browser even for one picture in the first place. if I cant embed videos I want to get a refund for my $60 upgrade. I would rather have everything working well though :-) I hope you can help asap as I have much to catch up on!

  4. Also, I don't seem to be given an option to drop files either...

  5. Robin, could you try with a different web browser to see if it's an issue with that, maybe?

    We recommend Firefox from

    If you install Firefox and continue to have the same issue, please let us know and we will continue troubleshooting.

    Also ... how big is the video you're trying to upload? It could be it takes minutes (or even over an hour) depending on the size of the video, and your connection speed.

  6. hi there I have tried everything... I think I would just have a refund please... nothing is working including the multiple picture uploader

  7. Bummer, sorry this didn't work better for you. We've canceled the upgrade and refunded the amount.

    Could you help us with a tiny bit of information? Did you try with Firefox, did you see any error messagess? How big is your video? What type of video is it (like, movie from a phone, -- you can look at the end of the file, for .mov or .mp4 or a similar word that tells you the type.)


  8. Thank you!

    I did try the things you mentioned. 3 min video, no error messages, just hours of no upload... like it was trying but never worked, multi uploader still not working, movie from iphone (.mov)

    Does this help?

  9. Thanks Robin.

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