Who can edit my posts?

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    If you do not mind, I am asking three questions.

    I am uncertain if I should post my chapter \\\’pages\\\’ only after I have completed each chapter.

    Recently I tweeted a synopsis, and it enables the viewer to edit my tweet, even though it is password protected and marked private. They can merely tap the edit button at the password protected location. It then will show the password I used. I of course deleted the tweet. I copied and pasted the same to an email to my brother, and he could edit it as well. Obviously I am not doing something right, but I am determined to proceed.

    My story is in it\\\’s first stages and I have not applied for a copywrite. I believe I have seen a posting somewhere on WordPress to be used to warn readers of copying private content. I have been unable to figure out where I saw it or how to use it.

    These are a lot of questions, I know, but I am new not only to writing, but this use of public sites such as Twitter and FaceBook. My story is a personal memoir.

    Thank you for any help you may provide this newbie. Peter
    Blog url: http://19may1979.wordpress.com/



    Peter – please don’t worry – no-one is able to edit your posts, unless you are logged in on that computer, in that browser. The edit links are only showing because you’re the administrator of the blog, and you’re logged in.

    There are several things you can do with regards to content theft, including adding a copyright message, or Creative Commons license. We have some advice here.

    If we can be of any more help or reassurance please don’t hesitate to ask.



    Thank you, hanni,

    Perhaps I am too old (80) for this electronic age. I found Appearance and Widget, and I clicked on the Widget button. I discovered all the various headings located there, including Text.

    What I have been unable to figure out is where and how to post my privacy notice, and drag it to the side bar of my pages, or posts.

    No doubt I am missing some step, or steps. Is there a place within Appearance or Widget to type the notice, and drag it to the sidebar? I am not a quitter, so any further advice will be appreciated.

    Regards, Peter


    Hi Peter!

    I’ll give you some step-by-step instructions for adding a widget (like the Text widget) to your sidebar, and adding your privacy notice to the widget.

    From your blog’s Dashboard:

    1. Go to the Widgets page (under the Appearance menu on the left side of your screen)
    2. You’ll notice there are two separate widget ‘modules’ – the one on the top is labeled ‘Available Widgets’, and the one below that is labeled ‘Inactive Widgets’
    3. You will also see the sidebar (or widget areas) on the right side of your screen (labeled ‘Primary Widget Area’, ‘Secondary Widget Area’, etc)
    4. Simply drag and drop the widget you want (say, the Text Widget), from the Available Widgets module to the Primary Widget Area module
    5. The widget will expand, and you can then fill in the various parts with your privacy notice, then click the ‘Save’ button
    6. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. :)

    That’s it! If you want some more information about widgets, you can read up on them here:

    If you need help with anything else, please let us know!

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