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    My gif won’t work. Or, it works perfectly when the post remains “unposted”. But when I try to post it, there’s just one of the pictures showing. And it just… Stands still. Nothing. I read something about putting the gif into a text widget. But how do I proceed? I’m kinda new to blogging. And I don’t do my own design. I’m really bad at using those codes and stuff.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Did you upload your gif and then resize it? In order for an animated gif to play, it must be full size.


    Didn’t resize it. When I edit the post the gif works just fine. That’s the weird thing.


    Make sure the gif is no larger than the maximum width for your theme’s post area as listed in the post below. If it is, then resize it on your computer before uploading it and then as Tess says, insert it “full-sized.”


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    I am sorry, but let us hope another volunteer has more expertise than I. I’ll add a tag to this thread “posting animated gifs”

    Also, it is important that you actually post the animated gif you are trying to use, or at least post the code which you used to this forum.

    The format for posting code is below the comment box here: backtick code backtick
    backtick on U.S. keyboards is the lower case of tilde: ~ next to the 1/! key, upper left on your keyboard.



    I seem to recall they don’t work in sidebars, either.


    I tried this with with sidebars a while ago, did not work for me as well


    No, gifs work in sidebars too (as long as you observe what Tess pointed out).



    That’s new then. Well, not new in internet time, but new in the last two years.

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