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    There is no way to default to the old way.

    Changes are a good thing, ESPECIALLY to the New Post button, because it was severely broken. You may have lucked out and never lost a post by using it, but a) while it appeared to trigger the autosave, in reality it saved nothing and b) for people who write longer posts, those posts often published completely blank other than the title and yes, as I said, no autosaves and c) it often defaulted to the Aside format, which is rotten for SEO.

    All of those issues needed to be fixed, particularly the first. Time will tell if it works or not.



    I lost a draft today after saving changes throughout. I tried to retrieve it via the edit function, and the last version saved was way wrong. Then I got this goofy new GUI when I started to repost. You owe me several hours, WP. And get rid of the ridiculous new GUI. It makes no sense. And BTW, if you think by leaving it as is I’ll just get used to it, think again. I’m pissed!


    Does anyone know how to upload photos within a post in the redesign?



    @lostironies if the “goofy new GUI” prevents you from losing work, then perhaps it’s not so ridiculous.

    @ferndalechickenscratchfever it’s simply not available using the New Post button. It’s just as it used to be on the Dashboard->Posts->New Posts page, so I suggest you simply use that page until staff fix this. Obviously they’ve overlooked it if they have a way to add a featured image but none to add an image.


    The old template did default to “Aside” now and then, but it was a small price to pay. This new template sucks all around.


    @raincoaster: Thanks for your kind response. I was able to post tonight through the dashboard. Thank goodness that still works! Crossing my fingers that they get the redesign kinks worked out.



    Agreed, I think it’s time to flag this as a bug, because if it’s actually designed that way, staff need to come here and tell people.


    Actually there is a way to post an image: you create a gallery, then import photos from your own stash–it’s at the bottom of the form. My problem was with sticky–there’s not way to make a post sticky, which means new ones will get lost somewhere in the heap, since I typically used that–any suggestions?


    @juliedemboski: I did try to use the gallery, but had trouble actually inserting the images from there. And there’s no apparent way to control size or placement. Please advise if you have any suggestions.

    Also, if there a way to preview?



    Is there any way to insert just one photo rather than a gallery?


    raincoaster–gallery is just the mechanism–you don’t have to post a whole bunch at once (at least that’s the way it looked to me).

    ferndalechickenscratchfever–now that you mention it, I think I was able to find the old template, and go from there, as my first try with the pic was very small (even though it wasn’t sized that way initially), though the whole thing was so confusing I’m not clear on the order of things at this point. I just assumed I’d have to play around to figure it out–and hoped there was something I missed with the gallery that you and others would figure out!! And I found no way to preview–sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. Not looking forward to trying to use this again.



    They’re also tinkering with Previews. Some of the themes have “Editor mode” or something which means the preview looks like the post will. Most themes, as yet, do not. So, presumably they’re adding that to the themes that lack it.



    I’m just astonished that any organisation can change from a screen that allows you to post to a new one that just says “beep beep boop” without any word of explanation to users – hence this thread of dissatisfied customers. But then, I have never found Word Press’s help and explanations very user friendly. They do not seem to have the ability to translate technical jargon into something the ordinary user can understand.


    this is plain stupid makes it much harder to post. and the beep beep boop is just childish.



    Thanks for Timethief for your advices – that way works… Beep beep boop is to avoid that way, no problems then… :-)



    yep always best to use the dashboard to get to features i found.

    FWIW: unfortunately all the new interfaces being created try to steer you away from the dashboard..presumably for performance reasons as it looks data-hungry to me.



    I´ve had the same problem since yesterday, the same “beep beep boop” problem page…and also inserting pictures…the pics are too small when inserted via dashboard-all posts-new post. Really sucks.



    Mine too has gone from something quick and easy and good to a nasty messed up mess :(



    the end of wordpress and my wine blog unless they change it back.

    how can they get so wrong…….to change it to something thats so bad…..

    could they have been hacked



    As I said on the first page of this thread:

    The changes you see are made by Staff as part of the ongoing process of creating a mobile friendly site The long term plan appears to be replacement of the dashboard area we have now on our own blogs with that area only. There is no announcement yet made here but you can subscribe to the posts and have the latest news on and the WordPress community emailed to you.

    In all the years I have been here I have seen only one or two instances of reversion. As the iterations are moving towards a more mobile ie. multi-device friendly site, and as I am on a desktop none of this affects my ability to create new posts at Dashboard> Posts > All Posts > Add New. That’s what I posted in my first comment on page 1 of this thread. Perhaps you would like to try that too.

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