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    I have, at your suggestion, gone to Dashboard>Posts>All Posts>Add New and received the very same “Beep,Bop,Boo”. Your suggestion doesn’t work, at least on the computer here at the university where I do the majority of my posting.



    Oh no! That’s too bad because it works for me. This thread is tagged for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.


    My problem is the same as paleoblog1’s. My blog is based on images, and when I create posts using Dashboard> Posts > All Posts > Add New, the images are much too small and I cannot find a way to make them larger. I used to be able to do this by going to “new post” and uploading the images there, and then inserting text by going to Dashboard> Drafts. If something isn’t changed, it looks like my blog is going to end.



    Example of your images:
    650px × 887px (scaled to 423px × 578px)

    Well the MistyLook theme which is a retired theme that no longer supports all features has a blogging space that is 500 pixels wide.


    @timethief: Did this just happen overnight, then? Because yesterday I was able to post as usual.



    The changes here were made yesterday and may be ongoing.



    Before the new post page changed, if I scheduled a post it would should up on main page as published but blue. NOW, if I do draft and then schedule it, it’s still in my drafts. I do it as publish and schedule it posts right away. I think there should be information on how to use these before it being launched to different sections where updated at different times so it’s weird trying to learn one thing and something gets changed.

    I just hope my post actually posts.




    Even Staff are recommending that we bypass the New Dash in favor of posting directly on our sites.

    As I posted yesterday: is an ever-changing environment. What may have worked or behaved in a certain way yesterday (especially in the New Dash area), may be changed today.



    I note that the staff response doesn’t say anything like: ” sorry for messing you about, guys. Next time we’ll try to give some information instead of just saying beep beep boop to you all.”



    Apparently no one read what justjennifer and I have said on the first page of this thread. There are no announcements made. The new dashboard iteration at is part of an ongoing process to revamp the dashboard. Staff saying words like “we are so sorry” won’t bring about a reversion 99.9% of the time, so with kindness I suggest adapting.


    Hi timethief! I’m posting my final answer to this post, like you told me.

    I want to say that I finally understood that those changes are affecting only one way of displaying the Post Editor.

    I could see the “good ol'” editor once I followed your suggested route:
    Dashboard—> Posts—> New Post (or) Edit Post.

    No problem uploading images! No problem resizing! No problem entering the html address desired for the post!

    But I sure got really scared at first.


    PS: I just noticed that when posting in the way I mentioned above, the tags list on my sidebar doesn’t refresh correctly.



    Just a few comments.

    1) Not everyone uses a mobile to post on this blog. The new version sucks for those of us who don’t. Sorry. That’s just about the nicest way I can put it.

    2) I’m getting the spinning beep beep beep. That’s annoying.

    3) Any update that ADDS steps to something isn’t convenient nor is it an improvement. Where I used to be able to simply upload a picture or image into a post now only works through edit – time consuming – or links through a program like photo bucket – MORE time consuming. I’ve been told there is a way to go back through dashboard and post the old way, but I have yet to figure it out despite the step by step instructions and if I have to do that every single time – nope. Not convenient at all.

    I have had several blogs over the years (13 years, to be honest) and this one is by far the most difficult to navigate and finagle with. The ONLY reason I keep on trucking is because I have friends here and it just seemed easier to keep up with their blogs. No way would I recommend this site to anyone for any reason. It’s difficult to navigate, posting is a pain in the patootie, and the entire process is frustrating.


    Yes I have the same problem…All was fine until yesterday…Since that time that stupid beep beep boop comes up and I cannot write a article and insert a picture any longer! I could from the Internet but my pics are all on the computer.Its certainly not nice to do something like this…I’m very new to blogs and blogs seem certainly not the way to go if that is what happens :( :( :(


    Actually. …I let you guys work out the problem and change it and come back in 6 month time.If you haven’t fixed it by then I will leave wordpress.Until then I will inform people on facebook that wordpress us not such a good idea for the moment….I used to work as a hardware engineer in the past and if there was a software cockup then it usually got fixed.



    I cannot agree more with karinsnateblog and zeesmuse. I’ve suspended my posts for the moment on my blog and redirected my readers to a blog I maintain on another site. Currently it is way too complicated to add a simple picture to a new post using a desktop computer. I don’t have time for all the steps and coding involved.



    I cannot write a article and insert a picture any longer

    The New Dash is the most volatile area of, but it is only one of the ways you can post to your site.

    If you want to post, you can do so from your own site’s Dashboard>Posts>New Post.


    I’ve had the same issues and am able to use the Dashboard route to post like I used to be able to – thankfully.

    But wow, what a horridly unprofessional response from the staff. Having worked in customer service I know that being rude to people who are simply asking for some help / advice is a complete no go. If you can’t respond in a professional manner then perhaps you shouldn’t be doing this sort of a job?

    It certainly makes me think twice for ever asking for help on here if I might be getting snipey comments back. Granted you did provide a workaround, but for a staff member I am surprised WordPress are not keeping you informed of potential tests and updates which might result in more help queries.

    The new test version is good on some levels, but woefully bad on others. Completely useless for people like me who often want to put photos in line with what I’m talking about (can’t do this in the new test version) and even trying to upload images via the gallery wasn’t even working – kept telling me to refresh the page and try again. No thanks.



    Another thing that I just realize that is quite annoying is that for the tags, the most used one would appear and I would have click on them. The newer one doesn’t list them at all and I literally have to type them over and over again

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