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Posting Blog after Blog

  1. I really hate it when I see someone posting a dozen blogs in a row. Makes me skip right over them. I'm really new to blogging but this is really the first thing to really annoy me. :)

  2. Within any "set" or part of the blogging community aimed at any subject niche you will experience those who post to blog after blog.

  3. I don't know how they have the energy or the time. I ran myself ragged with one blog.

  4. Do you mean a dozen blog POSTS in a row? Usually, those are spammers. Click on the link, look over their blogs, and report them if they're trying to sell stuff or drive traffic to another site that sells stuff. It's very rewarding and it stops them dead.

  5. Oh dear, I've posted quite a few in a row. But I'm new to blogging, and trying to spread the word about my horse rescue organisation. There are so many horse welfare issues to cover, but I'm not trying to spam!

  6. Yes Raincoaster, I meant to say post after post, I'm not quite sure of my lingo yet. I was mainly referring to the people who fill an entire page of a catagory with only their posts and everyone else gets pushed out.

    This happens on an art website I belong to also...someone will upload 10 years of art at once filling up all the slots for new art with only their own.

    That's not the case here but it was my rant for the day yesterday-now I've moved on.

  7. defrostindoors

    If I'm lucky and find a bunch of interesting stuff, I'll post it. I've made eight to ten posts within 24 hours and it has nothing to do with pushing out 'rivals', but giving the readers something to, well, read. Does your hit count a world of good too.

  8. @hismuse
    I do the same thing defrostindoors does. When I have lots to post I post lots of posts. I'm the only blogger on my blogs so I fail to see what the problem with that is. My blog = my rules.

  9. I have made as many as twelve posts a day. Prolific bloggers will out-talk the others, that's just the way it is. But I thought this was about spammers who autopost and that's all you see on Most Recently Updated.

    Remember, every legitimate person only has one chance to upload ten year's worth of art. It's a temporary thing, not as if the same people can do that all the time.

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