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Posting comments on other sites using WordPress login

  1. I often see the WordPress logo on comments boxes on other sites, persumably allowing comments by signing in using my WordPress credentials. However, on the 4-5 sites i have tried this, the comment section either crashed or hung showing "connecting to". Is this feature not available? Am I doing something wrong? This was one of the reasons I signed up for WordPress -- so that I could leave one-off comments on a rarely-visited site without creating a local log in.
    Sorry if this has been answered before but I could not find any FAQ for the site not directly related to the blog itself. Thanks!

  2. Hello there,
    Are the blogs in question blogs like the one linked to your username? Or are they blogs that are not part of this blogging community? Please read this >

  3. I'm not aware of their affiliation. They were not on WordPress sites. But the login button provided for commenting in each case showed the "W" logo and a link to

  4. Please provide a link to one of these blogs.

  5. This sounds like an openID problem. Does it happen on Blogger blogs?

  6. thanks for the reply, raincoaster,

    This was the last one:

    The comments section at bottom of page has the icon as a login option.

  7. thanks, absurdoldbird,

    Can't remember. This has happened several times over several months. This last time motivated me to try fo find out what the problem was. I'm nor someone who usually posts comments unless I have a relationship with the writer. In these failed attempts I was trying to provide updated information to the content.

  8. It looks like a WordPress blog as, when logged in to my account the usual comment form appears, but there is no wordpress logo at the bottom of it. Someone else who knows about coding (PHP) could probably give you a better answer.

    I would suggest that you email the owner of the blog (or blogs if it's more than one involved), send them the comment or content you want them to publish and ask them to publish it on your behalf.

  9. I should just add something on to my last comment. When I say there is no wordpress log at the bottom of it, I mean at the bottom of the actual blog page not at the bottom of the comment box. I haven't logged out and looked at it. If you are seeing a wordpress logo on the comment form while logged in to a blog and if these people are blogging on a blog then they've done something very strange to the code as neither the admin strip nor the wordpress acknowledgement ('blog on' or 'proudly powered by wordpress' - the latter for a self-hosted blog) show up and as far as I know, removing it is against the WordPress TOS. It doesn't always show up on a blog (self-hosted) but one shouldn't be able to see a style comment box, as far as I know.

    I'm going to modlook this as I'm now as puzzled as you are and I wonder if the blog is just doing something it shouldn't.

  10. What you see on that blog is a Jetpack Comments form:

    If you use the log in option, you'll need to log in with your account.

    Otherwise, you can log in with Twitter, Facebook, or comment as a guest (fill in your own info).

  11. If it's blogger it is very tricky, make sure you toggle compatibility mode to get the right setting and then follow the instructions exactly. And word verification is often hidden with multiple scroll wheels.

  12. Thanks macmanx, but that was actually my point. I tried to do that, as I have previously in other similar situations, but the signin utility hangs on "connecting to". Since that has happened multiple times on disparate blogs, I thought there was either a problem using my WordPress login, or I was doing something wrong. --Lou

  13. Do you have third-party cookies enabled?

  14. And macmanx gets the brass ring!

    Thanks so much for the suggestion and the link, friend. Works fine now.


  15. You're welcome!

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