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    I am unable to post comments to your Postaday prompts and I’m not sure why.



    What post are you referring to? Do you get a certain error message when you try to comment to a post?

    Note that some posts might be closed for comments.


    They seem to be automatically closed. I check early in the morning and the prompts from that day are closed. I’ve seen that others have this problem too. Some of us just seem to be closed off of Post A Day. It appears to be a glitch in the system.

    I would love to see it fixed.


    It happens every day for Post A Day without fail.



    If your comments are regularly not showing up on other blogs, it is possible that they are caught in our spam filter. So that our spam prevention team could look into the matter, please fill out all the relevant details (providing links where possible) on this page:



    I do not have problems posting comments on other blogs.

    The Post A Day comments are always closed to me. They literally say, “Comments Closed” even when they are not closed to other bloggers. I would like that addressed, please.



    Just to be sure, are you referring to this blog: ?

    I just checked the most recent post here: and I can see the “post a comment” link when viewing it from your account. For example, are you able to comment there?


    Yes. That one worked when I went through your link, but the one for today is not available for me to post a comment–so it’s still an issue for me.


    I can leave a comment on the Community Pool links, the Weekly Challenges links, and the link you sent me. That is the only Dailypost I can comment on, however.


    Actually, I just noticed that the link you sent is a Weekly Challenge. For some reason, those are no problem. So, I’m concerned specifically with the Daily Posts.



    Ah, I see now. Are you referring to Daily Prompts, that is, posts in this category?

    Daily Prompts are designed to help you participate in the challenge of posting to your blog every day. The idea is that you use the question to jumpstart your writing and post on your own blog, rather than comment on the Daily Post. You can read more about the Post A Day 2013 on this page:

    I hope this helps, please let me know if I can assist with anything else!


    Today’s prompt (February 4th) was about change. I wrote a blog post and was able to pingback it to the Daily Post page. I was not, however, able to comment in the Comment section because the comments were closed to me. Why is that? I assume there is something that can be done so this glitch is no longer an issue. I’ve read where it’s a problem for other bloggers too. It’s not just me.

    I can post a comment to the Community Pool and to the Weekly Challenge. I cannot, however, make posts to the daily prompts. Please help!


    Comments are always closed on daily prompts, to encourage people to post on their own blogs rather than simply leaving a comment with their response. Pingbacks are enabled, though, so if you link to the prompt post on your blog, your link will appear on the list.

    I’ll update the Post a Day instructions to make this clearer. Thanks for participating!

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