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Posting Disabled

  1. Posting Disabled on my site but I did not get any email. I see it is noted on my dashboard but when I click on the link, my email is wrong. Why would posting be disabled?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I went through my posts and had an article on phishing and email scams with a link to Homeland Security to report fraud. I put it into draft and my posting was re-enabled.

  3. What does it say in your dashboard where the link is?

    Typically it will say something like, we have a concern about some of your content...

    You need to use that link to contact staff as that link will go directly to the TOS department.

  4. This is the contact link for Staff >

  5. The email that WP will use is the one that you have entered at settings > general, which is the email used for admin purposes.

  6. @kitkaplan

    I went ahead and deleted your duplicate thread for you... = )


  7. You will not get an email till you've clicked the link on your dashboard and sent staff a message. Otherwise they think you've just walked away.

  8. If you contacted us through the "click here to contact us" link in the notice, our ToS department definitely received your request, and they'll be getting back to you ASAP.

    If your email address in the form is incorrect, please contact us directly via

    As a policy, please refrain from discussing ToS issues on the public forums.

    Thank you for your patience!

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