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posting file to parent post - using xml-rpc

  1. All,

    Trying to learn how to use xml-rpc so I can post a list of file from a local machine directory (my laptop) to WP as posts and under another parent post. What I see is confusing. I'm developing in PHP on Windows XP laptop with WAMPserver installed to give me localhost. I do have my WP sites, remote ISP, setup with xml_rpc enabled and ScribeFire works fine, but always send a post as a parent, so have to hand mod to move under my existing parent.

    I set up a local directory "C:\somedir" and added 5-10 .html files to it.

    Now I need to be able to use xml-rpc to:

    1. Login to the Remote hosted WP site;
    2. Find the index for my parent page;
    3. Read my local directory,
    4. Upload/Post the files as posts under the parent directory.

    The main thing I cannot find in any of the code examples is how to find the parent post so the posts being submitted will be indexed with the parent ID so they will go under the parent. In the MySQL wp_posts table the two operative fields are "ID" and "post_parent". All subposts must have "post_parent" value of the parent "ID" field and the "post_parent" value for the parent is "0".

    Since this is my first attempt at working with xml-rpc, I'm sure there is something I'm overlooking, but right now I'm not seeing how to accomplish this.

    All help appreciated


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You need to inquire at http://wordpress.ORG/support/ . XML-RPC is available here, but we volunteers know nothing about the workings of it connect simply connecting with some of the blog client software out there (Windows Live Writer, etc.).

    The people at the .ORG forums are much more familiar with all the wordpress core files and such. We don't have access to them so know virtually nothing about them.

  3. T,


    Posted over there at:

    Hope I get answer soon!


  4. You're welcome.

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