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Posting From the Desktop

  1. Here is my story.

    I had 2 blogs under the same user name. I set up one first and then the other.

    I got newsgator for outlook and learned i could post from outlook (how cool). The problem was, the post was only going to the first blog under this account and that was not blog i was using most.

    I tried delting the first blog in hopes that I would be able to post to the main blog i was using (the one that i created second) and that did not work. Now, I cannot sign into any blog from Newgator (or any other desktop editor). It is so odd!

    I will be forever indebted to the person who can help me solve this :)

  2. Does Outlook ask for the URL of the blog you want to post at? Changing that is the only thing I can think of.

    Maybe if you told us more about your setup and your settings, we could help more.

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