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    I’ve got a question about posting from Windows Live Writer.

    Up until now I’ve been posting to my blog from my desktop via Windows Live Writer with no problems (including images).

    Today (Dec. 7th) when I tried to publish the post from WLW I got a message back saying it could post the images to the weblog. I ended up having to use the dashboard to create the current post (not real happy about the new dashboard either…can I get my old one back :D).

    Any idea what I have to change in the settings now to be able to post again from WLW? I had a heck of a time configuring the first time around and I’d really appreciate any help I can get.




    I don’t have a solution but you don’t have to create the post in the editor. Copy and paste from the code view of WLW into the HTML tab of the editor. (No, we can’t have the old one back. Give this a chance. You might end up liking it.)


    Thanks for the help, and your reply.

    Copy and paste from WLW into WP…well that’s not much different than creating the whole post in WP since my blog is almost entirely stock photos :) – it is the photos that are creating the problem since the update.

    Giving the new layout a chance is not the issue (particularly since we don’t really have a choice) – changing something that works…that’s the issue. Yes, over time I might like it (doubtful tho), however, right now while I’m trying to use it…no, I don’t.

    <sigh> I am all for progress, when it fixes things that don’t work. The old dashboard worked better (for me) – this one is far too cluttered for my taste. Maybe if we had the option to remove things I’d like it better (do we? have the option – I could easily have missed it)


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    Yes, you can arrange your dashboard as you like:
    Move things around, collapse modules, remove modules…


    Thanks for that linkage 1tess. That’s handy for all of us to look at! But, why isn’t the new left-handed navigation bar a moveable module? Anyone know?


    Thanks, that does help some, but apparently not all the scripts work in my browser. For a long time I couldn’t even see the options button…that meant allowing all scripts on the page.

    (Wow, what ever happened to good old html)


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    You can collapse that whole bar to a very narrow width so it uses very little space.

    If you had been reading the news-releases from over the past many months, you’d know that they did extensive testing with many volunteers to determine bloggers’ preferences. If I recall correctly, they also did several surveys with mock-ups of possible formats. They were open to anyone, and I think I answered questions in one or two of them.


    @tess: Exactly. News were open to everybody. Surveys were also open to everybody. (I took part in them, and submitted extra suggestions apart from the questions I had to answer. Now I must admit I’m a bit irritated by some complains.)


    Not everyone follows every alert going on out there. Most are on WordPress TO BLOG. They’re not hanging out in forums or even care that someone is getting irritated with COMPLAINTS. They just want to blog. Did 3 some odd million people comment on those surveys???????? Nope, not even close. So why people are shocked that people are complaining, it’s beyond me. Like I’ve said before, I like 2.7. But some things on it are counter-intuitive.


    And Tess, I did read the news….


    @diamondfistwerny: Please stop twisting what I said. I said SOME complaints, not all complaints – and it was a parenthetical remark, between Tess and me.


    Graceystinson, have all your questions and concerns been answered?


    Um, thanks, I really do appreciate the time, but NO, it’s not resolved or answered.

    I still can’t post from Live Writer – and that’s basically my main concern. Since WLW hasn’t changed or updated, it’s the update from WP that’s caused this problem. (while I’m not fond of the new look or the new dashboard, it’s no biggie, it’s even less concern if I can get WLW to work again here.)

    As for reading news – guilty as charged. I don’t read it because I don’t use the online dashboard (well, until now of course, because I have to, lol); in fact, except to post from WLW and I seldom use the online portion of my admin panel at all. I wouldn’t see the news if I weren’t using that.

    My posts consist entirely of free photos, other than the title of the post (usually the date) there’s no text or articles so there’s not a lot of stuff I need to know except how to use the media function…um, until now.

    If I weren’t so “code challenged” I might be able to figure out a way to make WLW work myself, but, alas I can’t.


    Gracey, I’d contact support rather than leaving yourself wide open to attack in the forums (as I just saw on another thread you participated)



    You might want to post this at the Windows Live Writer website aswell so people start working on this from 2 sides :)


    Good tip royalexander!


    open to attack? I didn’t consider that to be an attack, just someone’s opinion. Mostly, I am thick skinned enough to take a little scrape here an there…but I’m done I think. I will (thanks for the suggestion) hit up the WLW people and see if they’ll help (though, I find msn/ms not ever to be much help), if not, I’ll look for another app that will work offline, I don’t think it’s worth bothering support directly because it isn’t likely a problem they could fix.

    thanks gain – appreciate all the trying.


    @gracey: Thank you; I had no idea I was attacking you, either!




    Ouch you really got of the wrong foot with MS personal then, all the small projects/programs are developed by really really flexble people who are very happy with feedback. Ofcourse the big projects groups (Windows, Office etc..) can’t be that flexible or outgoing about their plans because they would be spwamped (and they cant possibly please millions of people at once).


    For anyone else who had problems with Windows Live Writer – the new updates fix this issue. My most recent update to the WLW software corrected the image upload issue, and it seems to be working fine again.

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