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    I’ve just put up two images in a new post and for some reason the formatting is spreading them out across the page. I ticked the ‘left’ and ‘right’ alignment boxes but something seems to be overriding that. My aim is to have the images set left or right with the text running around them, but they are occupying the full page. It seems to be the image border and background that is taking up the space, rather than the image. Also, the photo caption text is different when published – it’s a bigger and different font, and indistinguishable from the body text so difficult to read.
    Any suggestions on how to fix?

    The blog I need help with is


    Link to the blog in question. The one linked to your username doesn’t seem to be the one you’re talking about.



    The blog is this one…

    I’ve fixed the rproblem by removing the second image (the original post had 2 images), but I’m still puzzled about how to format them.


    I’m not sure I can help without seeing the problem, but anyway:

    1) If I understand correctly, you want two images left and right with the text running between them. The theme you’re using is relatively narrow, so of course this will only work well with very small thumbnails. Yes, you set the alignment of the one to left and the alignment of the other to right. Align left and align right means that the rest of the content will wrap around, so the order must be l.a. image – r.a. image – text, with no line or paragraph breaks separating them. Captions or no captions makes no difference (unless you mess things up – see below).

    2) Again if I understand correctly, the grey frame around the image didn’t neatly enclose the image (as in your post now) but was larger. That happens when you disrupt the code of the captioned image. Assuming you’re using the Visual editor: a) after inserting a captioned image, make sure you move the cursor outside the caption area before doing anything else; b) never highlight the caption to try change its formatting via any of the tools of the editor: image captions aren’t directly editable. If you see a captioned image with a messed-up frame in your post, there’s no way you can correct it: you just delete the image and re-insert it, paying attention to the two things I pointed out. In general, it’s safer to add all the text first then insert captioned images where you want them.



    Thanks for the help… I’ve found manipulating/sizing/captioning images a bit tricky, so much appreciated.



    I am French Canadian and I don’t know how to post my images that I have in my bliblio (47) to my blog
    Can you help me ?
    Thanks !


    (email redacted)



    You can get help in the French language on this forum >

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