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    I’ve asked this question before (a couple times I think) but I still haven’t received any help with it. (I know you guys have been busy so that’s not a criticism!) When I post an image or photo, there is no problem initially. It will appear just as I posted for a limited period of time – and then it’s gone! All that appears is the box with the “X” in the corner. Can you please help me understand what I’m doing wrong in posting images so they will always appear?
    Thanks for any assistance you can give me on this!

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you actually loading the image into your media file?

    Some time ago, I noticed when re-publishing articles that included images, that copying an image with the text did not necessarily ensure that the image remained. Occasionally, it would disappear showing only the image box with the shredded “X” in the top left corner.

    That’s when I suddenly realized that images had to be loaded into my media file first.

    Hope this was helpful.


    Thank you for the response! In answer to your question, yes. The only way I’ve ever posted images is through my gallery, uploaded from my computer. But after a certain period of time (in the latest occurrence, its only been 3 days since the original posting), they still end up only showing the empty box. When I tried to resolve it myself, I even deleted the box, and re-posted the image from my gallery. Still appeared with no image.
    Any other ideas?



    If you can post a link to a Post that has the missing pictures somebody can take a look and maybe see what might be wrong


    OK. Here’s a couple examples: the first link is an image on a Page, the 2nd is images on a Post. Thanks!


    I’m still hoping to get help on my issue with posting images… I appreciate any help you can give me.
    Thanks for your help!

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