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    I have created a new page entitled Photos and have posted photos with brief descriptions. Neither the photos no text stay where I place them. I do not have the same problem when posting to the main page.

    Any pointers?

    Thanks for whatever guidance anyone is able to provide.



    You can get a free account with either flickr or photobucket and store the original sizes of your photos off-line. Then you can use thumbnails linked to them on your blog.
    To get around the way the text wraps up so close to the images in pressrow without any spacing in between spacing when I used this theme I put every image into microsoft Paint first and added a white border all the way around and then uploaded them. Doing this improved the appearance a great deal. :)


    Thanks for the suggestions tt. I’ll keep working on it and see what I can do.



    You’re welcome and best wishes. If you discover some really cool work-round please post again but I think eliminating the black edge on the images and adding a white border around them to create the appropriate spacing away from the “too close” text wrapping will work. :)



    I lookd around the Photobucket forum the other day because I wanted to see how much space does a paid account give. I think they said even with a paid account, your space allowed is about 1,000 pictures. And after that, you probably have to buy another paid account. :(



    I am really a newbee and have a photo question – the photos I take with my Sony digital camera at about 500 kb jpg files, but some people are emailing me photos from better cameras for posting that are much larger files, and as a consequence they will not upload. What do I do?



    Run them through a photo editor of some kind and reduce the size. If you are on Windows, try Paint.

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