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    Is it possible to let a post appear in multiple blogs? For example 7 people all have their own blog, but the postings will appear in a blog they all share. If not what is a common solution to simulate this. Should I use categories on the different users or will be filtering on user be an automatic feature when more users appear in a blog?



    Sure it’s possible but I hope you understand that Google spider bots and Technorati spider bots, etc. do spot “duplicate content” and filter it. You will run the risk of being punished for “search engine spamming”.

    Search engine spam is any deceitful attempts to deliberately trick the search engine into returning inappropriate, redundant, or poor-quality search results. Many times this behavior is seen in pages that are exact replicas of other pages which are created to receive better results in the search engine. Many people assume that creating multiple or similar copies of the same page will either increase their chances of getting listed in search engines or help them get multiple listings, due to the presence of more keywords.

    In order to make a search more relevant to a user, search engines use a filter that removes the duplicate content pages from the search results, and the spam along with it.



    When I said “sure it’s possible” I meant for you to do this manually. There is no automatic way to do this at because if there was it would be a spammers’ tool.

    Think about it.



    BTW I forgot to ask you to please post the url for your blog.


    Tnanx for the quick reply.

    I had no intent to spam, but I was referring to a mechanism to publish your own blog on a community blog. As I remember has a possibility to do this. I see some blogs that have find a way to make views on separate user by using categories and I guess it would be possible to give this view on a category it’s own URL so you can give people their own views on a community blog like: -> _> _>

    or would this also be identified as search engine spam?



    I was referring to a mechanism to publish your own blog on a community blog.

    Please clarify this for me because I’m still not clear. Let’s say 7 bloggers all get accounts and publish their posts on them along with categories and tags. Now let’s say those same 7 bloggers also have an 8th or “community blog”. Why would they then publish the entire content of the posts they have on their own blogs on a community blog?


    I could have my own blog with all my own individual postings, but some off these postings are relevant for the community blog that I share with some friends, but not all. So I publish in my own blog where I have administrator rights and in some case I also choose to publish in an community blog where I am a contributor en which is focused on a different audience then my own blog.



    That’s what search engines will detect as “duplicate content”. A better approach is for the “community blog” to only publish an excerpt of each article with a link back to the original blog it was published on. Then visitors to the community blog can click the link and read the full article and the “dupilcate content” problem will not arise.





    You’re welcome. :-)

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