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Posting in the future doesn't work

  1. Hello!
    I'm keeping a photoblog at and I needed to post a few items in the future as I wasn't able to post for a few days. Unfortunately, those posts did not show up at the time date that I set, and not even hours after (initially I suspected a synchronization problem). If however I edited those posts, even by simply adding a space, the post shows up, at the date set, but TOO LATE (that is, after I edit it).
    I tried this once again today, and the result was the same. Posting at 13:42 and scheduling for 13:44, the page was invisible to outside users even after 14:00.
    An official answer would be most welcome, as deleting and resposting is NOT an option (as someone suggested doing), because, I won't have Internet access to do it :(


  2. Sorry - I have passed that on to be checked out. I can't fix that right now as the cause will be in the actual code. All I can do is apologise.

  3. Well, let's hope it gets fixed before I get off from town :D

  4. So, any chance to get an ETA for this? It's getting pretty frustrating to have to check everyday if what I've written have come up properly (which still doesn't happend unfortunately :( )

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