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    hi guys,

    i’m using v2.0.2 and i can’t publish a post to completion.

    when i click on publish, it just stays on the same page (i can see firefox is busy though).

    then about 10 seconds later i can stop the page. and check my blog and the new post is actually “posted”.

    this happens 100% for each post.

    saving a post is fine. the issue is only when i click on publish.

    any ideas what is happening?




    If you’re using 2.0.2, you need to be over here for assistance as these support forums are for those blogs hosted here at, not elsewhere, and we’re running different software. You may want to mention what plugins you are using and what services you are pinging out to as those will probably be the first questions asked of you.

    I will mention though that there have been issues report with the latest version of Firefox, not only concerning WordPress but other software projects as well.

    Good luck,

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