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    I dont know how to post on the home page on my blog, like on the the top where there is aa bar of your catagories, how do I post on the home page?

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s the part where your regular posts go. So just click New Post and write a post. When you publish it, it’ll show up there.


    Those tabs at the top of your blog are not categories, they are static pages. Take a look at this support document that explains the differences between pages and posts: .



    Thank you so much! It works now, one more thing, how do I post on a certain topic on the top like “basketball”?



    Read the link I provided. You cannot post to static pages that you create. Static pages are for content that seldom if ever changes like an “about” page.

    To organize posts by subject, create categories for those subjects and put the categories widget in the sidebar. When people click on that category name in the categories widget, they will then be taken to a listing of just the posts in that particular category: .



    Ok, so I cant post on the topics on the top bar, only the catagory ones on the side bar?



    Yes, that is true. There is a trick that can be used with some themes here where you can put a link to categories or other sites in the top navigation tabs, but it does not work well with the theme you are using. Only the themes in the left column work cleanly with this trick: .

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