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    I’m new to wordpress so excuse me bwing stupid, but what i want to do is be able to create posts but to have multiple channels.
    as in, on the homepage to post entries like a diary, but then to have a seperate page where i can post totally seperate entries (which only appear on this page), and then another page that i can post entries to and so on.
    I suppose i am looking for multiple blogs each as seperate channels within one site?
    is this possible?
    (sorry if i’m being stupid)



    No, what you need are multiple blogs under one username. In only one page will update like a blog, with most recent on top.

    You can get nearly this functionality just by blogging on one blog, but using categories and tags. Then, when someone clicks on the category widget in the sidebar, only posts relating to the category will come up.



    Or you could use multiple pages and just edit the different pages content, appending to it each time. I guess how practical this is as a solution depends on how much content you were going to add.

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