posting order of blog? newest last not first? anyone know where to set that?

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    I don’t see anywhere how I can set my blog postings to show oldest first, instead of newest first. Please anyone can help?

    thanks- paula



    i don’t think that is possible as that is one of the more basic features of a blog. maybe it could done with css but i’m not sure.



    You could do it manually. Each time your finish a post, before you publish: change the date, time. Then next post: change the time to be few seconds/minutes before first post. It would be some work, and might not make sense to readers, but it could be done.



    poppy has a good idea, if you don’t mind altering the timestamp for each time you post



    You would have to rewrite the the_loop function for it to work. that’s not something that would be supported here at since you would be changing it for everybody.

    And, as Sulz mentions, that would be getting away from what a blog is. Usually blogs are defined as going newest first. Even Blogshares and Wikipedia defines them as such.


    Wellh, just because everyone is doing it doesn’t make it “right” – don’t you remember your mother telling you that? Innovation – means stepping outside of the box and lo and behold – I bet with that – you would make a name for itself in the history books as the re-inventor of the blog! – damn it’s soo good already, why not make it better – and from what I have read I am NOT the only person to think that there should be an option!

    c’mon guys – s t r e t c h ………the possibilities! and , keep up the fantastic work!



    The universal standard for blogs is to be ordered from the most recent to the least recent post. Please note that you have posted in the support forum and not the idea forum. You have your answer to your support question – you can alter your timestamps. Happy blogging.:)



    Paula are u sure its bloggin that u want?
    coz blogging are made into that way
    stretching possibilities is not the point at all



    I agree with ampin. IMO what you are descibing is not a blog as much as it is a website. However, if you had a wrodpress blog template that you self hosted or had webhosted for you you could change it to run, in essence, backwards. You can self host or get web hosting information here And here’s a comparison between the two and



    Switching the order of posts around isn’t new, it’s old. The way you’re describing is the way it used to be maybe eight-ten years ago. Freshest on top is the new way, although there are some blogging services that let you choose which.

    That said, a choice would be good. Are there any themes that do this?



    @ rain
    (1) There is no theme at that does what paula requests i.e. inverting the order of posts.
    (2) The work around has been provided above by poppy.
    (3) If this work around doesn’t suit paula then a customized self hosted or web hosted blog is the only other way to achieve reverse order.

    Perhaps paula can find that important info after she wades through all the la-la-la but chances are if folks keep tail ending this the thread it will bump up and down the forum for days on end and to what purpose? The facts won’t change.



    Paul, you don’t drive a car 65 miles an hour backwards down the interstate, do you? :)

    Sure, the car can do that but it’s not accepted as a correct method of doing so. It can be done, just not with what we have here and you would have a lot of folks looking at you wondering what you’re doing.



    I’m using the blog for a new thing! I’m writing a book, (It’s called Wake Up and Smell the Bliss!) chapter by chapter. :) I have it locked, and invite users to come in and read, and then post editorial comments as I go along.

    As you can imagine – first post first (instead of last) when you’re reading a book is really useful when it comes to making the whole thing make sense. :)

    Doing it this way was inspired by just how cool the WordPress interface is! I am a web designer myself – but this just made it all so much easier! Why re-invent the wheel? A previously created posting, editing, viewing and commenting system already in existence that can be used by anyone I choose to invite, worldwide? Perfect! :)

    So, I too would like to put in a vote for the ability to toggle post order – I mean, why not? But until then, I’ll use the go around with setting the timestamp. Thanks for the advice! :)

    – Dawn



    This has been asked a few times and this method I suggested was received well:

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