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    Is there any way to select the way the posts are published in your blog? I would like the oldest posts to come first, then the next and so on until the reader can see the last post last. Oldest to newer I guess is a less confusing way to put it. :) Is there a setting that I am missing?

    The blog I need help with is


    No there is no such setting. WordPress by default shows posts in reverse chronological order (newest at top). For returning visitors, the is very convenient since they can see the latest post without having to page down through page after page of old stuff that they have already read.

    That said, there are some types of content where chronological order makes more sense, but there is no setting to change that.

    What you might do is to look at the procedure outlined in this support document on writing a book using wordpress to see if perhaps that will work for you.


    There is a way around this. When you create your post (or edit it), you can actually change the date that you post it. Select an earlier date than the previous post, then it will show up first on your page. I hope that makes sense.
    If you do this, you may want to put the actual post date in your title or somewhere in your blog posting.
    let me know if this helps.



    Date is a relevant factor when it comes to where your posts appear in search engine results. If you want to get traffic from search engines then I strongly suggest that you choose to use the book format, rather than changing date stamps.


    also, if you make a post a ‘featured’ post, it will remain on the top of the other posts. you do this on the new post page, where you select privacy.



    We Volunteers have experienced bloggers who changed date stamps and created an mess of broken links. We have also experienced those who were so ill-advised as to make each and every post in their blog a sticky post designated as a “featured post”. Sorting out the mess that resulted was not easily done. But the worst effect of all is that they totally mucked up their blogs positioning in search engine page results.


    Changing dates on posts is a bad idea since it creates 404 errors at the search engines every time you change a date and search engines don’t like 404 errors and if you get to many of them they will quit indexing your site.

    Also, “featured” post has nothing to do with “privacy” and is actually called “sticky” post and it is not a good idea to “stick” more than one or two posts. More than that will end up causing issues down the road. We’ve had a number of people try (either on purpose or by accident) to stick all posts and after a couple dozen their site blows up.


    I am only making suggestions. I needed three posts to show in a certain order- and this worked for me. I was not concerned about traffic, so this did work. Use common sense when posting- yes, you do need to think about the over all output.
    On the post page, I meant to refer to the Visibility (not privacy, but visibility:public) button, to make a post (not each and every, but ‘a’, as in one at a time) a featured post.


    From what I gather, the original poster wants all posts to be chronological, and that is not something you can do with sticky posts as I mention because at some point your site blows up. Sticking all posts overrides the posts per page setting at settings > reading and so all posts will be forced onto the site main page. That is what eventually causes the site to blow up as it just takes too many resources to create that page.

    A few posts as sticky, yes that works. All posts as sticky, no.



    The more one tries to mess with the way the WordPress software works the bigger the chance of major problems down the line – the how to write a book is the best work around – the OP will probably find out that their regular visitors will get tired of seeing the same old stale post at the top and not come back or get tired of paging down to see what is new.

    People like fresh the don’t want to page way way down to see if something new has been added.

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