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posting photos

  1. have followed procedure from wp 24X7 support successfully in the past but now can't post photos. I get to the place where I hit the button to put into post and a window comes up that is totally blank. Thot that it might just take longer so let it go for 1/2 hour and nothing changed. Tried resizing photos in photoshop thinking that they were too big but still didn't work. Any advice for me out there?

  2. Checked if the image's file format is supported? (jpg, jpeg, png, gif)

  3. @26pine
    In order to get help one needs to share the URL for the blog they refer to and if the question pertains to specific posts or images then those URLs are likewise helpful.

    When no URL is linked to the username or posted then we don't give any advice because wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG run on different software and some days 1/3 of the posts on this forum are being made by bloggers who have wordpress.ORG blogs.

    Please post the URL for the blog in question, starting with http://

  4. I am on .com and would rather not refer to the url as it is in the building staqes. any way I can speak to you privately and not on the forum?

  5. We really cannot help without a look at the blog. We would only be guessing.

  6. i welcome any/all guesses. my frustration is that I have been able to post photos in the past but now in short...what worked in the past no longer works for me. the photos are saved as jpgs like before, so I can't figure out the independent variable

  7. @26pine
    I'm amazed you still don't get the picture as I described it so carefully above. Unless or until you post the URL for the blog to which you are referring, volunteers are not going to attempt to help you. Perhaps you ought to go directly to Staff. here's the link

  8. Thanks...good idea

  9. You're welcome.

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