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posting photos to blog

  1. Does anyone know why the dimension of my photos would show up? For example if you go to my blog, click on any photo and it will tell you the dimensions. In my recent post 400 x 300. Why does it do this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What post format are you using? It might be to do with that. Try using 'Standard' instead. See here for info:

    and here:

    If these don't help, come back and ask again.

  3. Yes I am using the standard format. My theme supports standard and video.
    Maybe it's not changeable?

  4. I'm puzzled over this, as I've tried to replicate it in my test blog and can't. I'm going to mark this for staff to look at (like most people who help on these forums, I'm a volunteer). It's probably something simple that I'm just not seeing.

  5. That's because you've made the images link to attachment pages. See here:

  6. got it! thanks so much.

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