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    When attempting to post a photo, I follow precisely the instructions in the FAQs. But when I do this, the photo appears correctly about one time out of ten attempts. What am I doing wrong?



    This thread is only three minutes old but clicking your name says this:

    This user has elected to delete their account and the content is no longer available.

    But are you using large photos that are more than 400 pixels wide which may screw up the page? And where are you uploading the images through, Wprdpress or another image hosting place?


    Thanks for replying. I changed my blog’s title, and WP seems to think I no longer exist. I’m uploading the photos through WordPress only. I use only my own photos. Thanks for mentioning the width limit. I didn’t know about that, but will check.

    My blog is called “Fireflies.” If you check it, you’ll see I have only one photo up.


    Further info: Only one of the photos I tried to upload was over 400 pixels wide. But the others would not go up, despite the fact that they were within the dimensions required. I’m baffled.



    Can you post the new url link because I typed this but there’s no pictures here:

    I don’t upload my pictures through WordPress. I go somewhere else because I upload too many. So I can’t really help you on this because I’ve never uploaded anything through here. Hopefully someone else can help you soon.

    But about the width, yeah, if it’s too wide, some people have their sidebars end up at the bottom of the page. But from experience, I would suggest thumbnails because people on dial-up internet can access your site better and it won’t take too long for pictures to load. It might slow down your site too.


    Okay, good ideas. I’m so ignorant that I fear changing the URL. But since <> is still in the URL, all should be sweetness and light.




    patrickirelan4 has said:

    “I’m uploading the photos through WordPress only. I use only my own photos.”
    The instructions he needs are in the FAQs which he refers to.

    Salutes to you and nosy. You’ve done a great job of covering all the bases for uploading instructions, except of course the lengthy flickr threads which patrick can find using the forum search box if he decides to open an account there and use his flickr widget


    Thanks to everyone for your help with the photo-upload problem. I don’t know what kind of luck other menbers have had, but the simple steps to upload photos seem to get me simply nowhere most of the time. My URL is now <> if anyone wants to see my photo of neatly displayed carrots, my only success of the night.



    That picture of the carrots are still there. How did you upload that one? Just see if you can do it again.


    The carrots photo was my only recent success. I’ve used the method stated in the WP FAQs or those that appeared in Dr. Mike’s Blog. I now make sure the image is not too large and that it weighs in at about 50 KB or less.

    The simple fact is that I can use one method successfully at one time and fail with the same method an hour later. But just as a test, I’ll try again right now. Does anyone know if other users are having the same problem?


    Okay, I followed Dr. Mike’s Blog, and Hermes is now a documented citizen of Milwaukee. Mike’s only mistake is his advice to hit “Upload” before “Browse.” WP doesn’t let you do that. Good night.



    Let’s presume that you intend to upload more than one picture into the same post.Let’s say it’s two pictures. When you load your first picture you “browse” first, then select the image and send it to the editor.
    However, for the second picture in the same post you click “upload” first and then and only then the browse box appears so that you can “browse”, select the image and send it to the editor.


    Got it. Dr. Blog had this possibility in mind. I either understood what everyone said or got lucky, because I now have two full-sized photos posted.

    While I now have the attention of all these intelligent people, here’s another question (not related to images; hope that’s OK). When I log on to my blog at <;, I find that I have managed to archive my blog for all of 2006. This does not comport with the dates on my calendar.

    Is there a way to un-archive the thing? As you may have gathered by now, my computer skills are rudimentary at best.

    Thank you for any suggestions.



    Where it says this?


    * July 2006

    That’s just there for easy access to your archives either for you or for your visitors to use. All of your posts for the past two days are all there.


    Good. This is a great help. When I log on to my blog, I see a blank page except for the sidebar on the right. Then I have to click on “July 2006” under “Archives” to see the entire blog.

    Am I correct in thinking that you see the whole blog–photos, written posts, and anything else?



    Hmmm. I don’t know why the black page is there. I have six months of archives but I don’t have the blank page:


    * July 2006
    * June 2006
    * May 2006
    * April 2006
    * March 2006
    * February 2006

    Did you delete anything or do something different?


    I think I did something different. This is my first blog (in case you didn’t guess), and I’m learning as I go. I first noticed the problem after trying to use a static page to keep an introductory post eternally at the top. If I could find where the static-page problem originated, I could probably undo it.



    I have noticed that you do not have the page widget dragged and dropped into your sidebar therefore if you do have pages how would a reader know that? You could try this.

    (1) dashboard -> presentation -> sidebar widgets

    (2) locate the “pages” widget and use your mouse to drag it from the horizontal bottom “available widgets” box to the vertical “sidebar” box located on the left hand side positioning it where you want it.

    (3) scroll down to “pages” on the bottom right hand side and click it

    (4) view the front of your blog understanding that sidebar widgets are cached and take a few minutes to show up.

    Once you have done that I can see how many pages you do have and I can help you make one of them “static”.



    Thanks for your help. Two things have happened. Merely by changing the design theme, I got rid of the mysterious unwanted initial page.

    Second, I moved the widget for “pages” as you suggested, but the screen now calls pages “about.” This leaves me in the darkest hole ever imagined.

    Still, I like what I see on the screen, especially the absense of the unwanted page.

    I can live with this. Ideally, I’d like to have “Fireflies” always at the top of the page, since it’s written as an introduction to what follows.

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