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posting ppt files

  1. is there any size limit for ppt files

  2. there is no size limit for ppt files, but every blogger is given 50mb storage limit. so as long as you don't go over that limit you shouldn't have a problem uploading the ppt file. there is also an option of purchasing more space.

  3. Thank you,sulz.But when I trying uploading a ppt file it came upto to the 'Send to
    Editor' stage.But when I clicked Send to Editor the file did not show up in the posting.what's wrong?

  4. i'm not sure what's wrong, try repeating all the steps you've done, but change your editor setting from visual to code. in the code mode, after clicking 'send to editor' you should be seeing the link tag to your ppt file.

    also, you may want to clean up your upload storage via dashboard, select manage, under it select upload.

  5. rtiarea1, a link to a post where you've tried to do this would be helpful so we can see what the output it or maybe offer a workaround.

    There is actually a limit for uploaded files with the basic account. I *think* it's five megs. Not sure if there is one with any of the upgrades.

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