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Posting problem

  1. When I post a new item, I get a popup box which says

    "If you leave this page, you will lose your work."

    If I continue, indeed, I lose my work, only the title is saved.

    If I cancel and try again I get the same error box.

    If I cancel and copy and paste the contents of the post body, I get a complete post with title and body.

    Is this a known bug which is in the queue to fix or something unique to me?

  2. I've not heard of this myself. How are you posting, are you just using the write option in your dashboard?

  3. "If you leave this page, you will lose your work."

    That's a known issue in the past with certain setups. I get it in IE but not in Netscape. We've talked about it in the forums before but clicking 'Yes' has always worked in the past with the Post going through in full. Hmm, thought we had an FAQ on it as well but I don't see one...

    Which editor are you using?

  4. @drmike
    I remember this too - it went away when you turned off that *cough* text rich editor

  5. I am using the rich text editor and I am using the "Write" option in my dashboard.

  6. @quotes
    Far be it from me to say bad things about the text rich editor but I almost went mental over this awhile back. If you take note of the thread I retreived for drmike above you may want to turn the dear *coughing" thing off and find the solution for your problem. Also note this thread not exactly on point thread too

  7. You can still use the rich text editor; sometimes you get the warning, sometimes you don't, but there's a way to avoid it completely.

    Once your post is written, but not saved, select the entire post (Control A) then copy it (Control C if you're on Windows of course) and, while the entire content is still highlighted, click Publish. It goes through without that warning box popping up, and you don't lose anything. If by some weird coincidence the 503 error happens as well, you've got a full copy of everything on your clipboard and you can just re-post it or paste it into Word and paste it back into the blog later, when things have settled down.

    I don't know why this works, but it works 100% of the time.

  8. Sorry rancoaster - the CTRLA/C thing doesnt work for me - ]

    I am using IE7 / Firefox 1.5.07

    I have cleared cache a dozen times...

    cant someone look at the post.php script an see what is going on ?

    still tearing my hair out ;-)

  9. There are a lot of entries about this on this thread too

  10. Ok all pain has gone away.

    I have installed the free BLOGDESK

    and now edit offline with fantastic rich / HTML editing facilities, photo manipulation, and of course a complete back up offline (I dont totally trust the hostign company!)

    What a relief - moral - dont use the WP built in editor.

    au revoir...

  11. Oh Oh! this is a duplicate entry to one in another thread.

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