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posting problem

  1. I have posting problem. Everytime I save my post, the IE will show "the page can not be displayed". I tried to cut my post, but it can not work also. I tried to eliminate my table and image. It's same, can not work. Also when I tried to put HTML code <!--nextpage--> to cut the post into 2 pages. I'm frustating now. Somebody can help me ? Many thanks for helping.
    My URL is

  2. I have IE, and I can open your blog just fine. Also, the next page tag is supposed to cut the post into 2 pages; that's its function. Maybe it's just a problem in your internet connection?

    Or do you mean that you're having problems saving a particular post?

  3. You are correct. I'm using word before posting. I understand now. Many thanks raincoaster....

  4. Iizi, yes, my problem is for particular post. I write in in word before I copy to wordpress. I'll try to type directly in wordpress now. Thanks for helping.

  5. You could also use the "paste from word" button :) that way you won't have to type everything.

  6. Or paste the text into the html editor which will strip out all of Word's nasty coding.

  7. Everytiime i post, my post doesn't show up at my home page! Help me please.

  8. How are we to help without a link to your blog?

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