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Posting Rate to traffic increase - Clarification

  1. progressivetimes


    I have a question for some of the more experienced bloggers out there. I've been doing a lot of reading that says that some of the most successful blogs are those that post most often, or at the very least, there is a correlation between the amount of posts one creates a day vs. traffic. It's not uncommon for 5-10 posts per day. 25+ on huge sites.

    Now, I don't post everyday. In fact, I usually only post once or twice a week and I'm still a beginner here. But as I continue on I find that a large percentage of views do not come from my most recent articles, but rather things that I've posted in the past that people find their way to via searches.

    My question is... does the correlation in posts to traffic occur (generally) because that generates more views every time you post a new article, or is it because the cache of old posts and resulting things to be searched grows and the number of hits rises as a result. Put another way, does more posting reach more people instantly or eventually catch more searching people with a bigger net?

    I imagine the stats would reveal this pretty easily. Any direction would be great. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. sensuouscurmudgeon

    To some extent your traffic depends on how the search engines position you when someone searches on a topic you've written about. Obviously, the higher your blog appears, the better it is for traffic. No one reveals the inner secrets of how the search engines do these things, but frequency of posting is probably a positive factor. None of that will matter to your fans, who have probably bookmarked your blog and routinely visit, without consulting search engines. It all depends on the behavior of each visitor. I don't think there are any sure-fire answers. But posting frequently is probably a good thing to do.

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