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Posting / Save Glitch?

  1. On occasion, I will have already published or future published an article then go back to do a quick edit. If I am in visual mode and choose save, then try to click to the dashboard or other admin page, I get the alert window about my changes not being saved. If I switch to HTML view in the editor then save, I don't get the alert message.

    Is this a possible glitch, one of those floor squeaks you just accept and move past or is there something different I could/should be doing?


  2. You have to watch your status bar and make sure that the save is complete before trying to navigate to another page. If I allow it to completely save before navigating away, I never get the warning.

  3. Hmm, that's interesting. I'll keep an eye out on the status bar as a possible reason (I tend to watch my progress color in my tabs - Firefox). The odd thing is that this doesn't happen all the time or for all posts, and saving happens without a hitch in HTML mode. So perhaps the visual editor is taking a long time to fully respond on my longer posts? I'll also watch for this... long and detailed posts vs. shorter and simpler posts.


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