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Posting Scheduled Posts NOW

  1. cogitoergocogitosum

    Okay, so I have a few articles written that were scheduled for a later date. I felt the need to post an article this morning but the one I had in mind wasnt ready. I instead decided to post one that was scheduled for later... and that is when I stumbled across this issue that seems to be a bug of sorts.

    I cant seem to publish anything scheduled. When you hit the publish button, it automatically goes into scheduling for whatever date it has on record. There is no way to remove the scheduled attribute from the article.

    All I can do is change the scheduling for a minute from now, or copy/paste the article into a new post and delete the old one.

    Is there an easier way?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. One thing to remember is that when you schedule a post to show up later, you still have to click the "publish" button or it will not post on the date/time you have set.

    Changing the date and time is the only way.

  3. cogitoergocogitosum

    Wow... Sacred... you are incredibly skilled at providing irrelevant and useless information.

    Do I really need to baby walk you through this? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont ever respond to my posts again. Im dead serious. I want you to make a special note.

    Now... I did hit the publish button! Weeks ago. Back when I also scheduled it for posting automatically.

    Guess what Sacred? That IS WHAT HAPPENS when you schedule something. You PUBLISH it at a specified date. THAT is how you get it to post at the specified date... by PUBLISHING it.

    I dont know why you think Im confused about that, but obviously you dont know what youre talking about. Very typical of you.

    I DID PUBLISH IT WEEKS AGO AT A SPECIFIED FUTURE DATE. Do I need to say it again, Sacred?


  4. cogitoergocogitosum

    I am not understanding the problem.
    If you want a post which you scheduled to publish at a future date and then change your mind and want it published immediately (or even to be published on some past date), why don't you edit the "published on" section on the publish module?


    Attacking people in a volunteer forum, especially someone who has the respect of so many others, is never a good idea cog.

  6. feartheseeds
    Yes, these forums seem to function so well because most people maintain a nice level of civility, with only a few reminders tossed in once in a while.

  7. Some people are nothing if not consistent:

  8. Well. Sometimes people ask for advice, but remain unwilling to receive or understand it.

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