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    I am following the documentation provided here:

    The problem is that this does not work on my blog.

    While editing the opening and closing tags and code and displayed unformatted in what looks like a pre box.

    When I preview the post no code is displayed at all.

    Can anyone offer any advice? Is this feature still supported? Is the documentation still current?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi pricklynet,

    This is still a supported feature and should work for you. I just double checked using the same theme you are.

    Are you using the shortcode or html tag?

    You should be using [code][/code] and not <code></code>

    That might be causing the issue you are having.

    If that is not the case let me know and I’ll look further. If you have a link to a post or page you tried to put this in that would help as well.




    You can also use the text editor to check that you aren’t perhaps pasting the shortcode inside an existing html tag which might be messing things up.

    Aside from giving us a link to a post or page you can also paste the code directly from your text editor here so we can see it. Paste it between backticks or use the code button above the text box here and we’ll be able to see the actual code.



    I just tested again today and now it is working.

    Thanks for your replies! :)



    Glad you got it sorted out :)



    It was loading slow yesterday when I previewed the page – that’s why it looked like it was not working! Doh!

    Thanks again!

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