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Posting sources for pictures

  1. Is there a way to post the source information for any pictures I grab from a Google Image search that are posted on my blog? Pictures I take don't need this but I didn't know if there was a rule about listing where images come from if they aren't yours even though I'm only using them for illustration purposes. Any thoughts or suggestions? Do many people do this or does it even matter?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I grab from a Google Image search that are posted on my blog?

    Google images is an index of images. It is not a free store where you can help yourself to images. Most of those images are under copyright and that is why Google plainly and clearly states this on every image page > Images may be subject to copyright. Copyright law applies in cyberpsace just as it does in print media. Unless you have prior written permission you cannot use any images under copyright without violating copyright.

  3. If you're in desperate need of an image to accompany a post you ca use free-use images with Creative Commons licenses.
    Or or
    See also > Zemanta for Recommended Links, Photos, Articles

  4. This doesn't tell me what proper steps to take if I still want to use Google Images. Can I post a disclaimer on my blog then?

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