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Posting titled "Private"

  1. My lastest posting got messed up. My title has the word Private set in and I don't know how to get rid of it or what it means exactly. I can't even figure out how to delete the entire post and start over (pardon me for being such an extreme newbie!)
    Anyone? Bueller?

  2. This happened to me today also and I did not click on it. Go to dashboard-->manage--> edit your post.
    Then look down on the right side and you will see Post Status in blue, click on the plus or minus sign and you will see a drop down menu. you can click on published, draft or private. When you go there you will probably see that private is clicked. unclick it and click one of the other ones and you should get rid of the "private" label. Be sure to "Save" it.

  3. When you want to delete a post go to dashboard then manage. Over on the right you can click on view edit delete. Just click on delete.

  4. Thanks bfhu! You're awesome.

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