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    Hey you guys, so another question. Ive done some digging and I cant find the answer to this. So i have my own FB page (personal life) and with that account, i created a Business page for my Blog, that runs through WordPress.

    So with the new publicize feature, it posts to my twitter no problem but when I link it to FB, it obviously posts to my personal FB page and not the company page I created within. How do I link these two together?

    The blog I need help with is


    For now, the best option would be to use the Notes FB app on your company’s FB page and import your blog from there.



    try using services.. achievable with this


    ok so im not going crazy then. There is no option currently for that. Man, was driving me bonkers. Thanks WP community! :)



    I had the same problem and also figured out to link using FB business page notes and it seemed to work well except now FB has not posted the latest published blog….although it was picked up by Twitter AND LinkedIn. Any one know what’s up with this?



    You can use RSS Graffitti app from Facebook

    It auto publishes excerpts to my fanpage wall not my personal page. Cant remember how to set it up but it was easy which is probably why I cant remember.

    and you can choose options for excerpts, full posts etc



    I know of 5 methods for importing post snippets into a Facebook fan page. Lola referred to one of them. See >
    Hope this helps.

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