Posting to a future date (NOT scheduling!)

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    I’m very interested in posting with a future date stamp – e.g. writing a post for October 26, 2011 – and getting it actually published with the future date.

    When trying to change the date after writing the post, the interface switched the “Publish status” of the post to “Scheduled”.

    I am new to WordPress, so I have no ides how this used to work. I’ve tried searching for a solution for this problem and found only people asking how to schedule their posts or complaining that it’s harder than it used to be. My problem is the opposite.

    Any help? Is this impossible as a policy decision? that would be a crying shame.



    Can we start with a link to your wordpress.COM blog?

    If you are hosted here at wordpress.COM, try looking at this FAQ



    You’re saying you want it to post now, but appear to have posted at a future date?



    raincoaster, that’s exactly what I’m saying. This is why Vivian’s response is not a solution to my problem.


    Why?? Live in the present, or leave it unpublished.



    Thanks for the blog link. And please consider linking it to your user name as explained in the sticky at the top of the forums.

    There is no way for a post to be dated in the future and appear now. The system simply isn’t designed that way. Any post with a future date will be scheduled for publication on that date.



    You can fake it if you make an image of a future datestamp, but the actual datestamp will also show.

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