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    I’m sure this is really obvious, but I’ve had a good look in Support and I just can’t find the solution. I’m using my blog to serialise a book I have written. The book is in 8 parts. I want each part to be on a seperate page, so when part 1 was fully uploaded I created a second page. However, my new posts that I want to appear on this new page are still appearing on page 1. Can someone please tell me how to make sure my posts post to the new page and not continue appearing on the old one. Thanks a lot.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but I don’t believe that can be done on a blog. Just to be clear about this please take note of the differences between a post and a page.

    There is a workaround that can be used to order your blog in a book form. Perhaps it will be suitable


    Hi, thanks for your answer. Yeah, I’m using the write-a-book feature already, whereby I have my static about page which links to the actual content. I can see from the first link you provided that it is indeed “not possible to post to a page” so I think you’re right, what I’m looking for can’t be done.

    Thanks anyway, I enjoyed your blog on SEO.


    Just categorize your posts properly (like you didn’t do for your most recent one) and add the Categories widget.


    Thank you, that’s a great idea.


    You’re welcome. If I were you I wouldn’t use the dropdown option: you’ve aptly named the widget, but “Select Category” betrays it. Besides, it’s more practical for a visitor to see all the Parts and just click on one of them; the dropdown is more suitable when you have tenths or hundreds of categories.

    And I’ve got a further trick for you. If you wish, you can now take the category URLs and turn them into page tabs (subpages to “Fishing in Beirut”). See here:


    Thanks very much for your time, your ideas are excellent. Re: the further trick, do you mean that if I create a new page and make the title of it the url for everything categorised as “part 2” for example, that would be a way of essentially doing what I wanted to in the first place?

    Thanks again for the advice.


    Yes: create a page, put a link to the relevant category URL in its title (a link, not just the URL), and select “Fishing in Beirut” as its parent.


    Cool, thanks :)

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