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    Hello –

    I have over 100 posts that I’ve imported from Blogger to my new online home at WordPress. However, when I publish these old posts, they are emailed to my blog subscribers as a “new” post. I want to get all my existing content up at WordPress, but clearly, I don’t want to bombard my subscribers with older content.

    I’ve searched these forums and Google and haven’t found a reliable answer. Setting the blog page to “private,” posting to the blog, and then setting the blog page to “public,” though suggested in some forums, does NOT work – this sends the post to the subscription list.

    Thanks in advance for any solution you can offer.

    The blog I need help with is


    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!



    There is no way to do this on a free hosted WordPress.COM blog. Once you import the posts they are published and appear in the RSS Feed. You cannot prevent them from being emailed to subscribers because the emails are generated from the RSS Feed for posts.


    Thank you for your reply! Should I infer from your answer that there might be a way to do this at a non-free hosted WordPress blog?


    Given that there’s no way to do this, one work-around I considered was to delete all my blog’s email subscribers, post the 100+ old posts to the blog, and then email the subscribers, asking them to re-subscribe. But it appears it is also not possible to delete subscribers – is this correct?

    In any event, the issue I am trying to avoid is bombarding my current subscribers with these 100+ old posts, so any insights or ideas on that front are greatly appreciated.


    Can anyone in the community offer any ideas or solutions here? Thanks in advance!

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