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    I want my WordPress posts to go to a Google + business page, not a personal page. Google makes you set up an individual account to set up a business account. So there is a G+ page for both the business and the individual, but only the individual account has an email.

    To set up a link between and G+ in the WP sharing section, you need to log in to G+. The email used to log in is the email of the individual. The posts should go to the business page, not the individual page.

    How is it possible to set up the link between WordPress and a G+ business page instead of an individual’s page? Or is this part of the whole Google authorship thing? Can WP posts be posted to a Google + business page?


    I’m sorry but I cannot help with this at all.

    What I do know is that Google plus does not provide an app. They want original content only and not autoposted content that’s posted to other social networking sites.

    See the announcement: especially the links at the end.

    Here’s a link to an earlier forum thread


    Also note that you failed to provide a blog URL starting with http:// and what I posted is only relevant to those with free hosted WordPress.COM blogs, not to those with WordPress.ORG installs.
    Comparison here > vs.


    I am asking a general question, not a question in regard to my blog, which is why I did not include an address. I have a site (with the upgrade) not a a site. I had already read through the WP announcement. The authorship issue is not relevant. Thanks for the links anyway.

    My content is original. What I am asking is how to post it from WordPress to a Google + business page instead of a personal page. The setup in the sharing section of the WP dashboard seems to only allow posts to a personal page. Perhaps one of the staff members would be able to answer whether posts can go from WP to a G+ business page instead of a G+ personal page. It does not seem to be the case unless there is some place in WP where you can add your G+ page profile number.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Staff have answered this in other threads: you post it manually. There is currently no other way.


    It does not matter whether it is manual or not. My question is how to link a WP blog to a G+ business page instead of a personal page. You bring up an interesting point, though. Does the new Publicize functionality change the need to post manually?

    Your Bog, Plus One



    Yes, it matters if it’s manual or not. Publicize is automatic. If you want to use only Publicize to post to two pages, you can’t. It won’t work.

    Publicize posts to only one page. For the other one, you’ll have to go there yourself and paste the link in by hand.


    I don’t want to post to two pages. I only want to post to a business page and not a personal page.



    Try clicking the G+ sharing button on your post while you are logged in to your G+ Business page.




    Per Google, at this time, the Publicize option with Google+ is limited to (individual) profile pages, not business/organization pages. Making this feature available for business pages is on the roadmap.

    If you have any questions or need anything else, please let us know.


    Thanks kraftbj. Good to know it is on the roadmap.

    Justjennifer, thanks for your thought. The G+ sharing button still goes through a personal account because of the email logon.



    Dear WP Staff Member:
    So, is what you are saying…because has not created a way to add your GoogleID number to make rel=publisher meta tag dynamically write in the head section, then we have to manually type in the body section a hyperlink to the Google+ Business page for EACH and EVERY post we create?



    Hi @ohdcorp:

    No, because Google does not recommend that and there’s an easier way even if you did need to. rel=author should be used linking to the individual author’s Google+ (individual) profile on each and every post, if desired, which is handled by our currently implemented Google Authorship feature.

    A business’s rel=publisher should be linked to the Google+ (business) page specifically on the home page.

    A couple of references from Google:

    • Instructions on linking a Google+ Business Page — mentions the home page specifically.
    • FAQ about rel=author — has a question about the rel=publisher tag, mentions they’re they are independent of each other and should be used on the home page.
      If you still did want to add a link to your Google+ business page with the rel=publisher, you could also either add the link to your Custom Menu (you can change the Screen Options to display the field to add the rel= tag or you could add a text widget onto your site and include the hyperlink there.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions! Cheers!

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