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    I don’t mind paying for an upgrade but wondering if it’s possible to have proper posts on more than 1 page within a WP blog?
    I have to “tabs”/pages to which i would like to have discrete posts.

    The blog I need help with is



    We can’t answer questions without a link to the blog in question, starting with http. Also: have you tried a search of the forum for this topic? It comes up frequently.



    Raincoater, thanks for replying. I forget the website URL doesn’t show up even though it’s in the question template!

    URL is

    I did search the forum and all i seem to find out is the difference btwn a post and a page, but nothing about being able to post to more than 1 page. Is there an upgrade that will allow me to do this? I woud like to post to my “Flirting with VEGAN” and “reviews” pages. in addition to my home page.




    On a blog there is only ONE page that you can post to that will automatically update. That one page may be the static page of your choice rather than the front page, but one automatically updating page is all you get on a blog. Does that clear up your confusion? If do then you can assign “Flirting with VEGAN” as the page for your running posts here > Settings > Reading



    There is no upgrade that will make it possible for you to automatically post to more than one page on a blog. You can create a million static pages if you wish. Only one can be the page for posts that automatically updates when you publish new posts. The only way you can update the other static pages is by editing them.

    Before we go one here we need to know this:
    Do you wish to have a blog that has Google juioe and achieves a PageRank or not?

    If you do not care about those things and want your blog to be like a mock up of a website then we can tell you how to make your blog into a non blog.


    @tamaranna: What you’re looking for is the job of post categories, not (static) pages. You simply have to categorize your posts plus add the Categories widget to your sidebar. Clicking on a category name in the widget opens up a dynamic page with the latest posts filed under that category.

    If you want those category tabs in the header, you can do it by switching to iNove or Monochrome (they’ve got that option) or by switching to one of the themes that support the trick explained in the post timethief linked to.



    thanks everyone

    timethief – the only annoying thing about posting to a static page is that it’s like one long entry/post. Can’t send people a link to a particular portion of the page right?

    panaghiotisadam – okay, i’m lost! think you are too sophisticated in the tech department for me! I don’t think tihngs I post on a static page will be filed under the “catagories” b/c i can’t “tag” them right?


    @tamaranna: Yes, you can’t categorize pages. Bit I didn’t say post things on static pages. I said publish regular posts and categorize them. And I said iNove and Monochrome have an option for displaying categories instead of static pages in the header, plus you can mimick the same effect in several other themes.



    Pages sit outside the blog structure. They are untended to be used for static content that rarely, if ever, changes. Categories and Tags cannot be assigned to static Pages. They can only be assigned to posts because blogs are supposed to be comprised of posts. Posts is where the dynamic, valuable content and discussion of it take place in a blog.

    In a blog it’s the Front Page that gets the visitor action, discussion 9comments) and the Google juice. Create a static front page and you cripple your blog. Create a structure based on static pages rather than posts and you kiss backlinks, Google juice and PageRank goodbye.

    Is that what you want to do? If so then know then I have clarified the consequences of crippling a blog by making it into a mock website.

    But if you do care about backlinks, Google juice and PageRank the n you can change the structure from mock website back to blog.



    I certainly don’t want to cripple my blog! So it seems the only way to do what I want is built my own site at this point right? Since i have multiple things going on within my blog that i’d like to keep separate…yes?
    Unless I try a dif template that allows me to catagorize my posts which i might try out – thanks!



    OKay, one more question – this is REALLY helpful guys thanks. I have been using post tags and category tags – – will minimizing my category tags to just a few (Flirting with Vegan, Spotlight Foster, About me etc) hurt me in SEO?



    The correct approach to tagging is to use the fewest possible terms (single words preferred over phrases) to correctly identify the actual contents in a post.

    “About me” is a wasted tag. Why? As I said earlier, static pages cannot have tags and categories assigned to them.

    “Flirting with Vegan” maybe your blog’s brand or part of it. If that’s the case then from the SEO perspective those are words are best placed in your blog’s title and tagline and in a Category. They are useless to you on a static page tab unless that static Page is going to be an index to all the posts in the said category called Flirting with Vegan. The same thing goes for “Spotlight Foster”.

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