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  1. Hi Everyone I will make this as specific as possible.

    I am looking to create a series of different pages similar to that of a website ( all different topics )
    I am creating a entertainment blog, so Art / Fashion / Media / News etc.

    I would like all my posts to be featured on the home page regardless of topic matter.
    HOWEVER I would like all my "FASHION" posts to be available on a Fashion Page and all my ARTS posts to be available on a separate ART page. ( All pages to be listed at the top so the reader can navigate easier )


    The blog I need help with is

  2. + So if the reader hates FASHION they can skip my home page, and click directly on a NEWS page so all posts I have listed as news would show up there for them?

  3. Hi. You can't add posts to pages, but you can achieve a similar effect with categories and custom menus. More info here:

  4. You're amazing, thank you very much!

  5. You're welcome. Glad I could help :-)

  6. Any idea why my full post wont show on my home page, just the text? I have about 6 pictures following.

  7. The blog linked to your name had NO Posts so noting will display - are you talking about a different blog? If so we need a link to it beginning with http before anyone can give you accurate help.

  8. The structure theme by default only shows excerpts on the main page with no formatting or images. All HTML is stripped for the main page. Take a look at this post by Panos covering the structure theme and its features: .

    You can open a post in the editor, change to the HTML tab, copy everything out, or just the image and some of the text, and then paste it into the excerpt module and save the post and it will then show the image and the text that you selected with the formatting.

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