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Posting to 'posts' page

  1. Okay, I don't think this is a support thing. I've made a 'posts' page and set up the settings>reading to static page, with my post page for my posts. Will this happen by itself when I add new posts or ????

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Aside from Archives, Categories and Tags pages there is only one "Posts Page" in a blog that will display your posts in reverse chronological order. That page is usually the front page of a blog but it can be changed and changing it comes with consequences. Blogs are designed to be post structured. The search engine bots and readers expect to find your posts on the front page because that's the way blofs are designed to operate.

    Changing a blog to a static front page structure like a mock website is not advisable if yo care about your posts receiving backlinks from other bloggers and achieving a PageRank. If you don't care about those things then it doesn't matter but most bloggers do care about them

    Having a static front page means that regular readers are compelled to click through every time they visit your blog is annoying and can affect your traffic negatively. Readers come to read your new content. They may not return if they have to click through a static blah, blah, blah Introduction or Welcome page over and over again to get to it.

    Here's a link to instructions for creating a static front page >

  3. @lolpres: Yes, clicking the "Posts" tab will automatically link to your posts if you set a static page as your front and "Posts" as your posts page, which you haven't done.

  4. Yes, indeed I visited the blog and noticed that as well and that's why I posted the link to the support documentation instructions.

  5. Ok, my mistake, I had ASSUMED, that I hit the "save" tab at the bottom.

  6. Thanks to timethief for the info on bloggers. I'm fairly new to this and would like to have more traffic and not have to dig through the page for new postings.

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