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Posting truncated when published

  1. When I publish a post or even save it as a draft, WP does not publish all of it...and the rest disappears. This is recurring over the last 2 weeks. I know about the workaround (copy the whole post to the clipboard), but I'm tired of dealing with that, as it still deletes portions and I have to go through the process multiple times...can this problem be fixed please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am also having issues on my blog page ( The page is rendering very strangely..."truncated" may be a good word for it. I cannot figure out how to remedy it.

  3. @vrgnamgnta: In order to assist you, we need the URL of your blog, starting with http://

    @rogerbird: See here for instructions on how to fix it.


    There's another thing y'all can fix..when I filled out the forum form, it had my blog address already filled in, and yet it doesn't put it in the post...

  5. That box that you filled can only be seen by the supportbot (who ensures you are in the right forum) and probably staff. To link your blog to your username, please follow step 2 below.

    Back to your question: I forgot to ask, but can you tell me which browser you use please?

  6. MSIE 9

  7. @vrgnamgnta: ack, that sounds like a hassle, sorry!

    I looked at your blog and did not see anything that would be causing this issue. Are you on a stable internet connection? Dropped or timed-out connection can cause the issue you are describing. Additionally, clicking "Save" while creating a post might help.

    I am also wondering if you experience the same issue with your blog when using an alternative browser, e.g. Firefox 5?

  8. It's not the processes really quickly on these posts. This happens even when I save it as a draft, so clicking save is really the problem...that's when the posts are truncated by WordPress.

    I've been using this system (crappy browser and all) for months without problems, except in the last two weeks (no additions in the last 2 weeks). I have not tried installing a different browser. I don't want to have to switch browsers to make this work...that's no less of a pain than having to save it to the clipboard every time just in case WP shortens the post. I'd really like the problem to actually be fixed.

  9. Sorry to butt in on the thread but I think there maybe a problem . Last night I wrote a post and then saved it . The post disappeared into the ether leaving only the title . I used Opera Browser and haven't had any problems before . Just thought you may like to know .

  10. THere are a Significant number of people reporting this problem.

    Report it directly to staff via your dashboard Help button and in the meantime, when you go to make a post, click on the Write box and Select All, Copy All just before hitting publish. Then if you lose something, you can just re-paste it.

  11. did all that...doing all that...just thought forum might solve problem while they were all at conference...

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