Posting twice on LinkedIn

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    I cannot figure out why my blog posts are posting twice on LI. It postes immediately (and states “shared by”) and then posts a few minutes later (and says: has a new blog…posted with wordpress).

    Under WP Share, I have LI selected under “publicize.” Is there another location on WP that I have clicked/checked to share again on LI????

    I don’t believe that it’s a LI setting…but perhaps it is.

    The blog I need help with is


    Same problem happening with me :-(

    It was only posting a single entry up to a few weeks back. In one case it posted 4 times!!! so I’ve decided to scrap publicizing to LI. I made no changes to LI or WP settings prior to the multiple posting occurring, so must be an issue on the backend of either WP or LI I think.

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